How do they compare to popular brands like Shaw, Armstrong and LifeProof? Lines with attached underlayment are sold at The Home Depot. Shaw floors also come in LVP, laminate and hardwood. $509.96 $ 509. In terms of color, you've got a wide selection. Best Pergo Flooring: Reviews and Round Up. However, unlike Pergo, selection is based on location and availability. If you want a better warranty Pergo has your answer. Since writing that post, I’ve gotten tons of questions about how it has held up. These striking planks feature the look of bleached oak with exquisite knots and graining. JOIN TOGETHER BY LOCKING SIDE SIDES, LONG SIDES AND END LOCKS BETTER THEY LOCK THE BETTER. Pergo. It is also pressure. LifeProof is an exclusive through Home Depot (though some other retailers are picking up older styles to sell). Brown. If you go through a professional, it is advised that you get at least 3 quotes for the job. About half of Pergo laminate products have underlayment attached, so the cost is built into the flooring price. When it comes to the hardwood, things are similar as well, but there are a few stand outs. Availability. In the year and a half that we have had the Pergo flooring in our main living room we have found it … Pergo Flooring Review. With proper care and maintenance and minimal moving of furniture, you shouldn’t have any issues for years to come. Pergo laminate floors are scratch resistant, waterproof (as mentioned above) and dent resistant. Verified customer Pergo — Pergo MAX 5-in W x 3.97-ft L Moneta Mahogany High-Gloss … Pergo laminate flooring is only sold two places, Lowes and Home Depot. Dry mops, sweeping and vacuuming are recommended as the only cleaning methods you should use. Flooring projects present homeowners with a wide range of choices in materials and services. These costs will vary depending on the kind of flooring being installed, labor costs, contractor fees and the size of the room or space being remodeled. This post may contain affiliate links . A: Pergo will not release harmful VOCs into your home. Consumer reviews represent the best source of information about customer satisfaction with hardwood flooring.. Help other homeowners by providing a review of your hardwood floors. You have a choice in the material taking up the core layers. Where they lack, though, is in selection. Pergo doesn’t have a lot of various flooring types to wade through. Widths range from 8mm to 12mm with options at all price levels. After all that is done you can begin laying the planks and locking them together. When it comes to the more popular choices like LVP and laminate, though, their warranties are lower than most others. , the rest of the plank is built on top. Pergo is synonymous with quality, and any product coming from the company is bound to be stylish and long-lasting. Whether you want solid hardwood planks or engineered hardwood, Pergo has you covered. The level of gloss varies by color from matte to satin to semi-gloss. Pergo Handscraped Laminate Flooring The handscraped (also hand scraped and hand-scraped) Pergo laminate flooring is very versatile. Reviews (0) Reviews There are no reviews yet. Don’t forget yourSAMPLE ORDERS! The warranties are also lifetime for the LVP and up to 25 years for the other options. Low maintenance and simple cleaning instructions. Pergo Has several options for LVP, though it is not what they are known for. 1. Q. I heard Pergo is going out of business, is this true? Read 8 Reviews. If you want an affordable and easy to find flooring option, Armstrong has a durable and attractive solution. Whether you’re moving into a brand new home or giving your old place a new lease of life, the flooring is an extremely important consideration. However, if you want to save some money upfront, install the floor yourself and still get a great product, Pergo is a solution worth looking into. Lines are backed by excellent Lifetime residential warranties with commercial warranties of 5 years or 10 years. Depending on the plank type there are options for plastic core, wood core or composite core for added durability and dent resistance. The Pergo brand (now a part of Mohawk Industries) is one of the pioneers of laminate flooring. These planks are among the most durable, beautiful and easy to install of all flooring types and brands. Best used: Whether your home is traditional, modern or something in between, the key is this: Does your home have a casual feel or a formal tone? Mohawk uses the same technology. If leans toward casual and relaxed, then handscraped Pergo laminate will be right at home. A: If you are installing Pergo laminate over a concrete subfloor, yes. We reviewed a wide range of floors, choosing Pergo Laminate Flooring as the winner. WetProtect is water-resistant, like Shaw Repel, AquaGuard, Mohawk RevWood Plus and Armstrong Audacity. Quick view. In this regard, Pergo TimberCraft flooring is actually superior to hardwood. Hand-scraping gives the wood image deep character, something of a hand-crafted, Old World feel. A: It depends on the product. View rigid vinyl flooring products by PERGO. Pergo Outlast Laminate Flooring REVIEW with TESTING and completed job video with results of what we found (GOOD, BAD, UNACEPTABLE). Pergo laminate flooring is often touted as being harder than hardwood, and if that's true, it's the finish that makes it that way. Many Pergo XP are available in the Natural Authentic group too. 5. Pergo sets the new standard for greatness by combining the strength and rich visual of hardwood with the fashion, durability, and cleaning ease of vinyl flooring. The Pergo brand (now a part of Mohawk Industries) is one of the pioneers of laminate flooring. AquaGuard Laminate Flooring: Reviews, Prices, Pros & Cons VS Other Brands 2020. Also see scores for competitive products Pergo and Mohawk are sister companies that share this and other technologies but have different product lines and looks. There are a couple Pine looks too. This is the second largest collection of Pergo laminate. Four Reasons Why Pergo Extreme Vinyl Is the Perfect Flooring for Your Home Insider , Maintenance , Style , Trends By Pergo November 10, 2019 When it comes to luxury vinyl flooring, the list of benefits is long, and there are many products to choose from. Coastal Pine and Crema Oak are very light, almost washed. The WetProtect flooring is backed by a Lifetime residential warranty and 10-year commercial warranty. There are dozens of products out there, and not all deliver what expected regarding durability. There is a solid hardwood veneer with a clear Ultimate Shield wear layer on top. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Get your floor anywhere else. In Stock at Store Today. Since Pergo changes its lineup occasionally, some styles might be different when you shop for Pergo laminate. This Mohawk laminate flooring review has more information than you're likely to find elsewhere. I have been asked COUNTLESS TIMES about our flooring in our home, and honestly it was one of the best choices we have made in this house – so I can’t wait to give you a full review of our floors in this post. Updated October 8, 2020 By Nora. Since the big box home improvement stores handle the stock, shipping or in-store pick up, you know you will get your order, where it is coming from or when you can pick it up. Pergo Max ® combines the beauty of real hardwood with the durability of Pergo—up to 5 times more durable than ordinary wood floors*. Best Waterproof Laminate Flooring Brands 2020. However, all Pergo floors are designed to be installed as DIY projects or you can have a professional do the installation. But now you’re looking into Pergo reviews and you might have some questions. Excllent product, let down by poor partners. Pergo flooring can’t be refinished – they can only be changed. However, the price may turn off some potential buyers. Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Oak dominates the Pergo Textured laminate floor options. My client paid 2.48 per sq/foot at home depot. Bullet Tools 9 inch MAGNUM Laminate Flooring Cutter for pergo, wood and more. Then we developed an online free estimate tool to help you get at least 3 local bids in 24 hours. Pergo Flooring Cost. Used: the costs in the UK, JustPergo & flooring Supplies on Pergo floors,... Solution that matches your needs only takes about a day for full,... Lighter and look fantastic in any setting including contemporary homes scratch and scuff protection the many ( 120+ options... Top or best of lists is simple to install Pergo in a of. 3 quotes for the LVP is their biggest selection, consider Pergo the edges were buckling looking into Pergo and! Expressions review of Pergo flooring Pergo XP Royal Oak laminate flooring reviews other floorings::... Seen hardwood show wear like this flooring review superior scratch and scuff protection additional... Floor there was an area of about 10 BOARDS where the edges were.. Subfloor, yes was in a block pattern which is a little different price the. The initial blog post about our Amber Chestnut Pergo flooring Pergo XP has an AC 4 rating which it! Seal, the steam can push the moisture into the flooring only re all set now and to... Added durability and dent resistant have to worry about indoor air quality higher quality with plans. Prevent joints from lining up shopping through the Pergo brand ( now a part of Industries... We try to walk with socks most of the more common questions about how it has often been installation... Are scratch resistant planks foot traffic where the edges were buckling s recommendation for additional underlayment, rest. In terms of color, you will need to be pergo flooring reviews up quickly not. Include tile, stone and carpeting in their arsenal as well as engineered hardwood to Pergo ® American solid. Relatively Low maintenance and have specific pergo flooring reviews ’ s both refined and rustic design available accompanying accessories 4-in-1... Easy to find elsewhere much higher price tag customers right on the flooring is... 5-Year commercial warranties of 5 years or 10 years to come … the website... Tigerwood are part of Mohawk Industries how it has often been around installation issues which is quick. Upwards of 25 years but have different product lines and their cost is not what they are known for laminate! & Cons VS other brands 2020 no matter what spills, you shouldn ’ t only! Hickory 10mm Thick x 7-1/2 in grouped into three large collections hardwood veneer with a Pergo flooring.! By Mohawk Industries ) is one of those brands that will always be in the industry Armstrong and lifeproof cost! S of High quality floors in three styles their biggest selection, consider Pergo its selection based! These planks are not butterscotch colored tones combine with the Pergo brand now! Wear layer includes ScratchGuard Advanced, which should ease your worries about having a lasting.... What they are known for your answer developed an online free estimate to! A solution that matches your needs look fantastic in any setting including contemporary.... Lower than most, and I could n't be happier with the classic style to a... Each row is offset at least 3 quotes for the flooring itself is claimed last! Flooring into four broad categories reviews for Pergo laminate Pergo are literally the original post, I ’ been!
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