Jessimae-H- S U, White/Pink, 1' Carmel Blue-H- S U, White/Lavender, 3' Dobby-H- S U White/Pink, 1.5', Doc-H- S U, Red/Pale Coquet Bell -H- S U, Rose/Pink, 3' Nunthorpe Gem -VH- D U, Red/Purple, 3' Corrections and additions welcomed! Leonora-H- S U, Pink, 1.5' Blumenfreunden- H- D U Red-purple/ Purple, 2’ serrae- H- S Lax, Red/Purple, 5' Big Mama- H-  D U, Red/Purple, 2' (Blossom= ‘Double Otto’) Chickenhouse -VH- SD Lax, Red/Purple, 3', Chili/Chilli Red- H- S U, Red, 2-3' lavender, 2.5’ sunburn, just like us!) Fuchsia Display Gardens of the Pacific Northwest The Pacific Northwest region of the United States hosts a number of local display gardens and test beds for hardy fuchsias. S U, Dk Aubergine/Dk Purple, 2.5’ Plant them in a reasonably well-drained location, but plant deeply and // --> . three years in the Pacific Northwest. Come Dancing- H- Die Schöne Wilhelmine-H- S U, Pink, 2' Cardinal -H- S U, Red/Red, 4' She is the author of two books on the history of the fuchsia in America and two booklets, one on the species and one on the hardy fuchsias. “Growing Winter Hardy Fuchsias in the Pacific Northwest.” Northwest Fuchsia Society. Lax, Lt. Pink/Red-purple, 1.5’ Home Forums > Pacific Northwest of North America > Outdoor Gardening in the Pacific Northwest > When to move hardy fuchsias Discussion in ' Outdoor Gardening in the Pacific Northwest ' started by TomG , Sep 21, 2020 . // -->